Mediator build, part 3 – completion

By | January 17, 2021

I decided to try dyeing the balsa before covering with translucent film and chose pale pink to complement the ‘heather’ pink Solarfilm I’d bought for the underside.

I should have known that pink and yellow makes orange. Will orange and pink really GO together??

Rather than use plastic hinges I thought stitching might be nice.

After covering I dropped the radio gear in and discovered to my surprise that my little 4-cell NiMH battery was too heavy for the nose so it had to go above the switch in the fuse top.

Here’s the radio installation (plus the 2 flaperon servos in the wings). The nose is completely empty!

I avoided unsightly bands going over the fuselage top by adding a (sort of) 3rd wing dowel – so some of the wing bands also hold the top on.

For the finishing touch I simply taped a strip of film to the cutting board, taped a paper print of the word ‘mediator’ over the top, and cut through with a scalpel.

Bottoms up!

Finished weight under 850g/30oz. Wing loading only 9.5 oz/sq’ which is less than my Kloudrider!

For inspiration: thanks to George Aldrich (Peacemaker) and Steve Lange (Le Fish).

4 thoughts on “Mediator build, part 3 – completion

  1. John Harvey

    What a pretty little model even if pink and orange do not like each other! Beautifully designed and produced David .
    Interesting to hear about flight tests….is that possible? I would imagine it will need pretty sharp reactions . Do you have a formula for deciding C of G ?

  2. David Ramsden Post author

    Thank you John. Even although I say it myself, I’m really very very pleased with how she looks. How she flies might be a different matter!
    I’ve not flown a zero-dihedral glider before but I have flown similar powered models in the past so I’m okay with the prospect of flying something with no built-in stability. I guess highly aerobatic models are sensitive by nature. I’ve reduced the flaperon throw to 20% and will reduce the elevator throw too before her maiden. I can always increase them later.
    My rule of thumb for cg (provided the wings are not swept) is 1/3rd back from the LE then suck it and see.
    Happy to post a comment about her test flights.
    Comments on the Model Flying Forum are saying the plan should be published in RCM&E! (rather premature)
    Thanks for your interest John.

  3. John Harvey

    I once had a similar model called the Phantom made from the plans handbook. No dihedral,mid wing and aileron/elevator only I was uninitiated with ailerons then and could only get it to fly a few yards without hitting the deck. I was at BH and persevered getting further each flight.
    However once I got the hang of aileron control and stopped panicking it became my favourite model and flew really well.
    I will see if I can google a pic

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