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By | August 14, 2019

Please feel free to post something and photos about what you are doing in the club or where you have been flying. Please choose at least 1 category, E.g. Activities for your post to help others find it.

Stan Yeo is made a Honorary Member

By | February 21, 2020

As most will know, Stan founded the Dartmoor Slope Soaring Club back in 1993. In much appreciation to Stan and Sheila for their work within the Dartmoor Slope Soaring Club over many years, the committee has awarded Stan an Honorary Member.


John’s KA build

By | February 10, 2020

Have a look at the updated club Gallery.

John has provided an update on his winter build. The Gallery now includes a jig made from 6 x 1 timber and the former supports cut to height using datum line on plan. 2nd pic shows formers positioned upright with pins before starting to glue main 6mm sqr bass stringers that needed steaming to shape first.

Moving onto the initial fuselage construction and adding of stringers and nose area balsa planking and infill. Standard servo in place for Multiplex tow release in nose block. (Devon Glider Day in April in mind John?)


Club Meeting – New Venue

By | January 27, 2020

Hi every one, we now have a new venue for our club meetings. Meetings will now be held on the first Monday (not Tuesday) of the month from February to May inc. So our first meeting is on Monday 3rd Feb 2020, put it in the diary! Times are a little different too,  7pm to 9pm KINGSTEIGNTON COMMUNITY HALL, in the Mary Hall Room on the ground floor, I have attached a link to their website page, if you click on ‘contact us’ at the top of the page there is a map, address and post code. The site is easy to get to (Exeter side of Kingsteignton) from most directions and has a good safe private car park. Mary Hall room is warm, large and has plenty of tables and chairs (so good to sit down!). Very nice loos. Hearing Loop. There is also exterior access to allow us to easily bring in large items,models etc. It also has a wireless overhead projector and screen for use with laptops, so if we have any techies amongst us this may prove a bonus, there are instructions available. My thoughts are to bring a kettle and tea and coffee makings and ask folks to bring their own mugs, I will confirm.

I really hope this works for us all and if we can get a good turn out on the first night that will be a useful gauge, of course it is not free but reasonable rates paid for by our funds. Thank you for other member’s suggestions as to an alternative space. I will send a reminder nearer the time.



Kingsteignton Community Hall

CAA Registration via BMFA – Update

By | December 10, 2019

By now we should all have a valid competency certificate, either from the CAA or BMFA. If we are registering for an operators license via the BMFA, we have an exemption until the end of January to enable the BMFA to process our data and pass on the £9 registration fee. This process will be initiated by our member secretary John as part of renewing our BMFA membership and insurance.

In the December BMFA News that recently arrived, there is an A5 sized pamphlet explaining various exemptions including the delayed registration date for BMFA members. This pamphlet also says that we should carry this, our competency certificate and BMFA membership detail when we go flying.


CAA registration

By | November 19, 2019

A brief note to our members that we will need a competency certificate by the 30th November to continue flying legally. The certificate can be either.

  1. A BMFA A, B or C certificate
  2. A CAA issued competency certificate
  3. A BMFA competency certificate.

Any member that currently holds a BMFA A Certificate and/or above need not do anything more for now. Unless you have already registered with the CAA for a Flyer and Operator ID, The BMFA will will register us when we re-join in December.

John is in the process of issuing advice via email on how to obtain the BMFA certificate.

It is also worth noting that our BMFA insurance is only valid if we fly legally.

Devon Glider Day 15th September

By | September 24, 2019

A small but interesting range of aircraft turned out for our Aero Tow event on 15th September at Little Halden. Have a look at the Gallery and you will see our recently mown strip (thanks to Martin) Mike’s gull wing Musger along with some other very nice vintage gliders and Joe’s Diamond four which unfortunately developed a motor problem that forced a dead stick landing.

L.H Flying 13th August

By | August 14, 2019

Today (13th August) saw a brief breaking the wet and windy weather and several members had an enjoyable and safe morning flying at L.H. Martin from Sidmouth brought along an Excalibur and Cub. The Excalibur, for some unknown reason had limited aileron travel and insisted on trying to stall at every turn. Martin however kept his cool and brought the glider safely back to land. His cub flew much more conventional  with a few loops and rolls.

Roger as usual, brought a squadron  of jets and a lager cub. As you can see (or not) from the photos that my phone camera is too slow to catch sight of the jets and the resulting photos remind me of the ‘spot the ball’ competition of old. Roger demonstrated the very short take off qualities of the cub needing only a couple of metres to get into the air.

I managed a few more training flights with my Riot switching SAFE on and off as circumstances needed. However, I found it too difficult to fly and take a photo of the Riot in flight so a shot of it in the pits will have to do. (Robert)

From our Gallery