Safety & Incidents

By | May 13, 2021

Dear members and visitors, we ask that you take a few moments to read the new “Safety & Incidents” page compiled by the club committee. A number of incidents have happened since we have come out of lockdown, crashing into pit area, crashing outfield etc. Safety must be our priority to each other and to the public who could be anywhere walking around Little Haldon visible or out of view. The new page provides guidance on how to be safe and lawful; and provides links to the BMFA site for further detail and instructions on how to report an incident.

DSSC Committee.


Old Phoney – Part 1 ideas taking shape

By | May 6, 2021

I thought I’d take a break from designing gliders and build a (powered) vintage classic along the lines of the Junior 60, something light and slow but 4-channel rather than 3.

I found a plan for the 4 channel Super 60 but it’s boxy fuselage shape and angular fin just didn’t ‘do it’ for me so I started wading through the Outerzone plans website. I found the 4 channel PD Parasol and got quite excited about it! But, although it’s tail shapes looked beautiful, its fuselage shape (convex top and bottom) was not my (pre-conceived) idea of a vintage classic. Then I found the lovely curvy fuselage outlines of the Deacon and the Viking and the lovely wing shapes of the Dot I, and Black Magic.

PD Parasol

The Deacon








There were quite a few 3 channel designs that I really liked the look of but my heart was set on having aileron control for some slow, low-energy, aerobatics with half-decent rolls. An aerobatic vintage design called the Over & Under caught my attention but I couldn’t see any way that its fully symmetrical section would give a low sink rate when compared to the flat bottomed Super 60 or the semi-symmetrical PD Parasol. I almost decided to just build a PD Parasol exactly as per plan but I definitely didn’t want a one-piece model and I couldn’t visualise an attractive and lightweight way of adapting the parasol and struts to a banded-on wing. I also want something slightly bigger than 60”.

So, I embarked on producing a new vintage-hybrid design along these lines:
Semi-symmetrical wing section of the PD Parasol with strip ailerons as per the Super 60.
Curvey fuselage of the Deacon/Cardinal but a little extra nose length and diagonal bracing.
Tail feathers copied directly from the PD Parasol which to me look perfect.
Wing shape similar to Black Magic.
Approx. 10” chord, 70” wingspan, 40” fuselage.
Electric power (I found the 4-max website. What a great resource!)

Out of respect for Roger Jones’s RCM&E Forum comment “designing your own ‘vintage’ model is a bit phoney”, I decided to call her the ‘Old Phoney’.

Buying the servos, there was a special offer on five. That got me thinking “what could I use the 5th servo for?” then the penny dropped – a tow release.

The plans are still being tweaked but here’s a recent version:

Inspired by Cliff Harvey’s videos on YouTube, I started by laminating the wing tips and tail:

Then found an old bit of 3mm ali for the u/c:

Some maiden flights are now on our Home page

By | April 29, 2021

With good conditions this Tuesday 27th April, two impressive maiden flights were undertaken with the help of Martin and his WOT4 XL tug to tow them up.

Johns; Jilles Smits 1/3 scale, 5 metre ws K7 and Chris’s; 1/3 scale scratch built Pilatus. Our Home page has been updated with flight photos and there a a few more pics in the Gallery that have been supplied by David Ramsden.

Home Page updated

By | March 16, 2021

Hi all,

Just to let you know that our Home page has been updated with some Photos of Chris’s scratch built 1/3 scale Pilatus B4. And a very fine sailplane it look too.

Joe continues to build and build

By | January 26, 2021

Joe has sent me some pictures of his latest creations. In Joes words: A ghastly Percival Prentice, and a DB Tiger Mouth, both electric powered, all ready for maiden flights. Who knows when ?  And: I Still have two models to go, another small 36” Tiger Moth by Dale Tattam, and a Flair Puppeteer.

Many more Tiger Moths Joe and you will need to fly them in formation like your Red Arrows display team. I know you like a challenge. (Robert)

Mediator build, part 3 – completion

By | January 17, 2021

I decided to try dyeing the balsa before covering with translucent film and chose pale pink to complement the ‘heather’ pink Solarfilm I’d bought for the underside.

I should have known that pink and yellow makes orange. Will orange and pink really GO together??

Rather than use plastic hinges I thought stitching might be nice.

After covering I dropped the radio gear in and discovered to my surprise that my little 4-cell NiMH battery was too heavy for the nose so it had to go above the switch in the fuse top.

Here’s the radio installation (plus the 2 flaperon servos in the wings). The nose is completely empty!

I avoided unsightly bands going over the fuselage top by adding a (sort of) 3rd wing dowel – so some of the wing bands also hold the top on.

For the finishing touch I simply taped a strip of film to the cutting board, taped a paper print of the word ‘mediator’ over the top, and cut through with a scalpel.

Bottoms up!

Finished weight under 850g/30oz. Wing loading only 9.5 oz/sq’ which is less than my Kloudrider!

For inspiration: thanks to George Aldrich (Peacemaker) and Steve Lange (Le Fish).

A K7 super build update from John

By | January 17, 2021

When I first fitted both wings there were ‘issues’ namely fit to fuselage root rib and span wise squareness to fuz. So there was some head scratching. In the end I had to adjust the main joiner tube in the fuz which fortunately had not been glued in. Although I could only move it a couple of millimetres each side it was enough to square the wings span wise which were about an inch out! I will still need to apply some balsa packing to the root ribs to fill a gap. All in all I am still quite pleased, the structure as in the pic weighs circa 7kgs….on track I think🤔


(Robert – Wait until you have added 5 litres of paint John :). I am very much looking forward to seeing your maiden flight)