5 Mtr K7 Build update from John

By | August 5, 2020

John has sent me an update on his 5 metre K7. It is looking impressive. I can see John looking out for volunteers to help carry this beast to a launch site. I am looking forward to adding further updates to our Gallery.

The 1/3 K7 short kit arrived from Laser Cut Sailplanes sometime in June and a while after that SLEC sent the wood I had ordered in order to begin construction. They were very quick, just a couple of days.

Progress on the fuz was reasonably quick and straight forward after some considerable plan studying had been done. Many of the pieces slot together very accurately but sanding jointing faces to the right angle before gluing was necessary at times. I did have a couple of ‘lining up issues’ but if you have a modicum of building behind you they are fairly easily overcome with patience. I have recently completed the 0.8 ply cladding and the nose skid. PTFE tube is installed in the rear enclosed area of fuz to direct the closed loop cable to the rudder. The nylon covered fishing trace slides easily inside. None of the construction so far is built over the plan, I have the fuz plan hanging from the ceiling near the bench for easy reference, however you do need space for a model this size and I am fortunate to have just enough, the wings will push things! Many thanks to Maggie for looking interested.


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