A view of the field

By | April 14, 2020

I guess like most other members, I am missing the trip up to Little Haldon to get some flying in and meet up.  With flying and meeting up off the agenda for a while, I decided to get my MTB out and cycle up to LH to take in the views. The steepest part of the climb was going out of Dawlish but once out of town the gradient reduced to a steady pant and luckily that bitter north wind was behind me. Not much traffic about although once joining the Teignmouth top road, Bsomthing, there were a few enthusiastic motors and bikes making the most of the otherwise quiet road. Turning off at the Golf course (just the groundsmen about), I made my way around the edge of the course to the gorsed moor except there is a lot less gorse than when I last went up. So much less that I initially couldn’t find the bridleway that runs along the bottom of our strip.

However, once I reached the strip I was again pleasantly surprised that the strip was in good condition and not overgrown. The wet winter seems to have filled in many of the deeper potholes and it looks ready for take-off. Carrying on to the car park and that path was also in very good condition with I think fewer ruts. Just a dog walker car in the lay-by and a fly-tipped chest of drawers (a handy tool chest) and some kitchen drawers further along the lane.

Although not flying today and without Cliff filming his virtual Corona maiden flight, it was good to just enjoy the views over to Dartmoor.

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